Establishing Fault in California Box Truck Accidents

shutterstock_1753657874-300x204Accidents involving box trucks and other large trucks can have particularly devastating consequences. Due to the immense size and weight of a box truck, a collision can result in significant harm to a victim’s person or property. Many factors can lead to box truck accidents, whether they result from the truck driver’s actions, a defective tire or other truck part, or even inclement weather conditions. Given these different scenarios, a plaintiff injured in a box truck accident must pay close attention to the role of fault when bringing claims against various defendants.

Recently, a chain reaction accident involving a large box truck left three people injured. The crash occurred in rainy conditions on the interchange between the 14 and 5 freeways in Santa Clarita. An earlier accident underneath a guardrail left a semi-truck flipped over and an SUV pinned against a wall. After this first accident, a box truck then veered over the guardrail above and landed upside-down on top of the semi-truck and SUV, further damaging the vehicles. Two people were transported to the hospital after the box truck crash, and one person was hospitalized after the first crash.

How Can You Demonstrate Fault in California Box Truck Accidents?

Determining fault in a box truck accident is not always straightforward and will depend on which parties a plaintiff names in a lawsuit. If suing the truck driver, one factor that can help a plaintiff demonstrate fault is the truck driver’s conduct while driving. For example, truck drivers may be operating their vehicle under the influence or engaging in distracted driving. A plaintiff would then need to prove that the driver’s carelessness caused the plaintiff’s injuries. In some situations, the plaintiff can also sue the truck driver’s company if the driver was operating the truck in the course of their employment with the company. Before recovering against the truck driver’s employer, the plaintiff must first prove the driver was negligent. This situation may be more complex if truck drivers exercise care while driving but lose control of their vehicle due to a faulty part. Under these circumstances, plaintiffs may also choose to sue the truck’s manufacturer or the company that made a specific defective part.

California allows plaintiffs to recover damages even if they were partially at fault for the accident. First, a jury will determine the extent to which the plaintiff is at fault. Then, it will reduce the plaintiff’s damages award proportionate to the plaintiff’s degree of fault.

Have You Been Injured in a California Box Truck Accident?

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