Former Student Sues Culver City School District for Negligent Supervision Following Rape

A former student claiming she was raped by three Culver City High School football players recently filed suit. The lawsuit, which was filed last month in Los Angeles Superior Court, accuses the Culver City United School District of negligently failing to supervise the victim and her attackers. The victim’s mother sued on behalf of the victim (who is identified as “A.S.” in court filings).The alleged incidents occurred between December 4 and December 22, 2013, when A.S. was a freshman. The attack was allegedly recorded and then shared with fellow students. A.S.’ family filed suit roughly four months after reporting the attacks to school officials.

The lawsuit alleges that two student football players invited A.S. to the school’s parking lot and then proceeded to sexually assault, orally copulate with, and vaginally rape A.S. On the following day, one of the two and another student raped A.S. again. For the remainder of the month, the student athletes–who were, according to the case, in “peak physical condition” and “intimidating”–repeatedly sexually assaulted and raped A.S. on school grounds. A recording of one incident was shared with many students, and the football team spread rumors about A.S.’ promiscuity.

Shortly after the assaults, A.S. told her mother, who reported the incidents to school officials and law enforcement. Afterwards, two of the boys purportedly confronted A.S. and pressured her to lie and retract her allegations. They physically and verbally threatened and intimidated her. The boys continued to be allowed to play in school football games, which left A.S. vulnerable and afraid.

The lawsuit claims A.S. faced relentless humiliation, bullying, and trauma.  She was forced to move to new schools twice as a result, suffered from PTSD, and has attempted suicide. Eventually, A.S., who is now 15, and her mother moved from California to Chicago.

In addition to the school district, the lawsuit names three former starters on the school’s varsity football team as defendants.

Culver City High School Football Coach Jahmal Wright declined to comment, but the District Superintendent said the district had immediately cooperated with police and just recently learned of the girl’s lawsuit.

One of the students was arrested and criminally charged approximately one month after the incidents occurred. He was charged with three counts of illegal sex acts with a minor and one count of dissuading a witness (both felonies). He was convicted on one count of the former. Weaver was sentenced to probation and received a stay away order from A.S., but he was not given time behind bars.

The Superintendent concluded in a statement last month that the district will remain committed to protecting the children they serve and will respond vigorously to any action that runs contrary to this goal.

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