Seven Cars Crash in Tomato Truck Turnover

shutterstock_1651700782-1-300x200Commercial drivers carrying cargo are required to secure and maintain control over their truckloads. Spills can lead to cartoonish headlines and images of produce and consumer gadgets spread on a highway. But spills can also lead to injuries, and truck drivers must be held responsible.

According to a recent article, a truck spilled over 150,000 large tomatoes on Interstate 80 in California, causing shutdowns, collisions, and injuries. The truck swerved to avoid an initial collision and struck the center divider of the highway, spilling the tomatoes over the roadway. According to reports, cars drove over the tomatoes, which led to a slippery sauce across the road that spurred seven crashes.

While the image of 150,000 tomatoes spilling onto a highway to create a saucy spill is certainly comical, the damage and injuries that resulted from the driver’s carelessness are not. Seven cars crashed after the initial accident. Three people suffered minor injuries, according to reports, and a fourth required a hospital trip for a broken leg. The road was dangerous and needed to be cleaned, leading to a several-hour shutdown that hampered traffic on the major roadway.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in California

In an accident caused by a company’s failure to properly secure its cargo, it may be easier to establish negligence—another driver’s carelessness or recklessness that lead to the accident and your injuries. Commercial drivers are required to secure cargo properly, regularly inspect cargo throughout a trip, and understand the right weight and placement to ensure contents do not spill. According to California law, it is illegal to operate a vehicle that is improperly loaded such that its contents spill onto the road.

If you suspect a negligent driver was involved in your accident, contact a personal injury attorney right away to begin the process of filing a lawsuit in California. After notifying the proper emergency authorities, including seeking medical treatment and evaluation even if you are not sure you are hurt, and your insurance company, several steps will need to be taken to initiate suit. Injured accident victims in California have two years to file a lawsuit based on bodily injury and three years to file a lawsuit based on property damage, so do not delay. A personal injury attorney can walk you through each step of the process and help you evaluate your claims for damages. In California, there are no statutory limits on any category of personal injury damages. But, because California is a pure comparative negligence state, your damages will be limited by your own level of fault.

Do You Need a California Personal Injury Attorney?

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