Southern California Tourist Suing Planet Hollywood in Vegas for Mannequin Scare Injury

A Southern California man recently filed a lawsuit for negligence and assault against a Las Vegas hotel, claiming a mannequin inside his hotel room frightened him and caused him to suffer injuries while fleeing.The plaintiff filed the lawsuit against Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Clark County District Court. He is seeking over $10,000 in damages.

The plaintiff claims he was shocked to find a human figure when he entered his dark hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip on May 16, 2015. Thinking the figure was an intruder who wanted to hurt him, he fled. While trying to escape, he suffered various, unspecified injuries.

The lawsuit alleges he suffered injuries to his limbs, organs, mind, and nervous system. He further alleges he has developed conditions that may render him permanently disabled. Since the injury, he alleges, he has been limited in certain occupational and recreational activities, which have caused a loss of earning capacity and loss of enjoyment of life. He is seeking damages to cover past and future medical expenses, general damages for pain and suffering, past and future lost earnings, and attorneys fees.

Planet Hollywood hotels have traditionally been decorated with memorabilia, such as the mannequin at issue, which was locked in a glass cabinet and wearing a “Miller Lite” racing suit.

The lawsuit claims that the hotel had a duty to exercise reasonable care to maintain the room in a reasonably safe condition and keep the room free of any dangerous conditions that might cause injuries. The plaintiff’s injuries, the lawsuit claims, were caused as a direct and proximate result of Planet Hollywood’s failure to maintain the room in a reasonable and safe manner.

The claim further alleges that the hotel knew of the dangerous condition and had a duty to warn patrons of the condition. However, the hotel failed to place signs, caution, or otherwise make safe the dangerous condition.

In the assault cause of action, the plaintiff claims the hotel “intentionally placed a mannequin dressed in human clothing in the guest room assigned to Plaintiff.” He allegedly reasonably believed the human figure would cause him a bodily injury and suffered “great pain of body and mind” as a direct and proximate result of the hotel’s conduct. Moreover, the complaint asserts that the hotel was willful, intentional, oppressive, malicious, and wanton in a way that warrants the imposition of punitive damages against the hotel.

A spokesperson for Planet Hollywood has indicated that memorabilia such as the mannequin at issue will be removed from the hotel as part of a recent renovation. Caesars Entertainment, which owns the Las Vegas Strip hotel, has declined to comment.

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