Woman Sues Owners of Los Angeles Skyscraper After Breaking Ankle on Slide

Gayle Yashar, 57, is suing OUE Skyspace LLC and Legends Hospitality LLC after breaking her ankle while riding down a tower slide managed and operated by the defendants. Yashar filed suit for negligence in Los Angeles Superior Court.Gayle was injured earlier this month, eight days after the 45-foot-long “Skyslide” opened. The glass-enclosed slide is attached to the U.S. Bank Tower, the tallest skyscraper on the West Coast. It runs between the 70th and 69th floors, nearly 1,000 feet above the street.

OUE Skyspace LA opened along with the $50 million renovation of the skyscraper. The slide allows riders to launch from the side of the skyscraper inside a square tube made of thick glass. Riders end in a new, open observation deck one floor below. Admission to the observation deck is $25, and the slide costs an additional $8. OUE Skyspace also includes a bar and a 360-degree restaurant, 71Above. It provides panoramic views that extend across the Los Angeles area to Santa Catalina Island, which is over 20 miles offshore. The website boasts it is the “premiere destination” for views of Los Angeles.

The lawsuit alleges that the slide was designed so that riders could not slow down before reaching the end. It claims that mats stacked near the slide’s end created a gap that trapped riders’ feet. These conditions “increased the risk of serious injury for an ankle fracture,” the suit claims, which surpassed the risk assumed by the slide’s riders that is inherent in going down a slide.

What’s more, the owners allegedly failed to warn riders of the risks involved in coming down the slide. The defendants’ conduct, the lawsuit claims, was particularly deplorable given that they knew that riders were suffering serious injuries by reason of the dangerous and defective design and their negligent operation of the slide, but they hid this heightened risk from riders.

The Yashars’ attorney said that the video taken of the ride includes a cracking sound as Gayle’s ankle breaks. Gayle realized she injured her ankle after she tumbled and got up.

Gayle is suing along with her husband, Morty, who is claiming loss of consortium. The Yashars, who live in Long Island, New York, are seeking unspecified damages. A PR representative said the company was informed about the lawsuit, and it would be reviewed by their legal team.

“The Skyslide boasts a safe, thrilling experience,” said the head of U.S. operations for the building, “unlike any other in the world.” However, many riders find the slide underwhelming. The slide is small, at only 45 feet long, making for a short and slow-paced ride.

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