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The California Court of Appeals for the Second District recently reversed the lower court’s holding that plaintiffs lacked standing to sue a hotel that refused to rent a room to a parapalegic unless she paid a fee for her service dog. The appeals court held that the lower court erroneously sustained the defendants’ demurrers, incorrectly finding that the plaintiffs lacked standing to sue.

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The lawsuit arose from an incident that occurred at a hotel owned and managed by defendants Bruce and Alfred Yasmeh, American Property Management, and INE Capital Holdings. Plaintiffs John Flowers and Seth and Kody Messmer filed suit in November 2013 after visiting the hotel. Flowers is a parapalegic and uses a service dog. Osborne is Flowers’ wife, and the Messmers are Flowers’ stepsons. The plaintiffs alleged that they were refused to rent a hotel room unless they paid a non-refundable cleaning fee for the service dog. Hotel management allegedly demanded them to pay an additional $220 for the cleaning fee. (The hotel room itself was only $80.) The plaintiffs left the hotel without paying the fee.

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In a lawsuit filed on July 12 in Los Angeles Superior Court, Silicon Valley insider Shervin Pishevar was accused of mismanaging his latest startup, Hyperloop One, a company aiming to create a high-speed train. train

The lawsuit was filed by Brogan BamBrogan, who co-founded the Los Angeles-based startup with Pishevar in 2014, and three other former executives. He is suing Hyperloop One, Pishevar (the company’s executive chairman), and three others associated with the company. BamBrogan alleges that Hyperloop’s executives breached their fiduciary duty by placing their own interests above those of Hyperloop One. The causes of action include wrongful termination, breach of contract, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and assault.

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Legal News GavelTwo Southern California residents are suing Victoria’s Secret for $4 million, alleging they were racially profiled at the clothing chain’s Beverly Center location. The women –  Tammi Robinson and Shaunda McDaniel – allege negligence, false arrest, intentional infliction of emotional distress, slander, and various state law violations. Their lawyers filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The plaintiffs, the complaint alleges, were “shocked and humiliated” to be ejected from the store like criminals. The lawsuit further claims the store’s actions were indicative of a “pervasive racist sentiment,” in which black customers are routinely “treated as suspect.” Victoria’s Secret, on the other hand, claims that appreciating and supporting diversity are among the brand’s core values.

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