Los Angeles Parking Lot Beating Victim Sues Dodgers

Two people recently filed a California premises liability claim based on an alleged beating in the Dodger Stadium parking lot following a 2015 playoff game. The victim claims to have suffered a traumatic brain injury from the attack. The plaintiffs filed suit in L.A. Superior Court against the Dodgers and the two alleged attackers. The lawsuit claims negligence, negligent hiring, premises liability, intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, assault, and loss of consortium. The victim’s wife claims she has lost the companionship and love of her husband since he was injured.According to court documents, the victim attended the first game of the National League Division Series on October 9, 2015 against the Mets. He is a Dodgers fan, but his cousin, also in attendance, is a Mets fan who wore a Mets hat.

The Mets won the game. The victim and his friends left the stadium at around 10 p.m. Outside, they were confronted by the assailants, who shouted vulgarities at the group. By the time the group reached the handicapped parking area, the assailants began to “brutally attack” him. One of them allegedly struck the victim in the head. Losing consciousness, he fell to the pavement. The assailants nonetheless began to kick the victim while he lay unconscious on the ground.

Despite that thousands of people were filing out of Dodger Stadium at the time of the attack, the lawsuit claims no security was present. Moreover, it took several minutes for the security to respond to the scene where the victim was attacked, even though it was very close to the stadium gates. The lawsuit alleges the Dodgers negligently failed to provide adequate lighting and security that could have prevented the attack.

This is not the first lawsuit of its kind. In 2014, Giants fan Bryan Stow was awarded a multi-million dollar verdict after suffering a permanent brain injury from a beating in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. The beating occurred in March 2011 after the Giants’ season opener at Dodger Stadium. After a long period in rehab, he continued to suffer from a variety of physical problems and memory loss. Stow was awarded $18 million for his injuries.

The victims seek unspecified damages in their case against the assailants.

One assailant was criminally charged for the attack against the victim. He pleaded no contest to one count of assault causing great bodily injury. He was sentenced to 14 days in jail and 80 days of community service, and he was ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution and enroll in anger management classes. The other assailant was also arrested in connection with the attack, but no charges were filed.

The first assailant is also a defendant in two lawsuits against a surfer gang accused of harassing outsiders at a surf spot in Palos Verdes Estates, a city in L.A. County on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. He also was arrested in 2016 after a bar fight in Florida.

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