New recalls of dangerous tree trimming products

imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-pBIySkCoGqFPV-300x151Two major recalls of tree trimming devices were issued by the United State Consumer Protection Commission (“USCPC”) on December 9, 2020, affecting over half-a-million devices sold by Fiskars Brands, Inc. and Black and Decker, Inc. under its Craftsman brand. Both products are designed to allow the user to trim tree branches otherwise inaccessible without a ladder or lift.

The first recall involves approximately 467,000 Fiskars 16 foot Extendable Pole Saw/Pruners. The device consists of a telescoping pole that can be adjusted between 7’ and 16’ and a head with a pruner and a hooked wood saw. The pole is improperly designed such that it can separate while the device is being used. The saw blade and pruners can then call down on the user, potentially causes serious injuries. As of the date of the notice, multiple consumers reported lacerations requiring stitches from the device’s failure.

Pruner-300x88Fiskar’s product was available for purchase between December 2016 and September 2020 for $100 (Model No. 9463) or $65 (Model Nos. 9440 and 9441). They devices were widely available at home improvement and hardware stores, as well as online direct from the seller at Consumers are directed to stop using the product immediately and contact Fiskars Brands. The company will provide instructions on disposal of the defective device and provide a new one free of charge.

The second, smaller recall issued involved about 82,000 of Black and Decker’s Craftsman CMECSP610 10-inch corded chain saws with extension poles. This device is similar to the Fiskar product, except the device at the head of the pole is an electric powered chainsaw. The recall was issued because of a defect causing the chainsaw to turn on by itself. According the USCPS, “the chain saw can start unexpectedly without operation of the switch when the extension cord adapter is connected upside down.” This product has also caused documented injury.

Chainsaw-300x64The product is manufactured in China and has been sold at major Hardware chains such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, as well as on Amazon. From October 2019 through August 2020 for a price around $100. The affected models are red with black and grey accents and bear the model number CMECSP610.

Dangerous products are unfortunately all too common. The law is designed to protect consumers, however, and when a defective product causes injury, the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retail outlet are all held strictly liable. This means that you are entitled to compensation without having to prove negligence.

If you or a loved one have been injured by any dangerous product, including the tree trimmers described above, contact the experienced product liability attorneys at Neumann Law Group. We will evaluate your case for free, and if we represent you, you will not pay an attorney fee unless we win.

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