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A California man was attacked and killed by 4 dogs while doing some work at a house in Jurupa Valley. According to police reports, the man had been asked by the owner to do some work at the house. It was not the first time he was working there and there hadn’t been any incidents previously. However, last Tuesday someone called 911 to report screaming at the house. When the police arrived, the man was already dead. The owner rushed back and immediately agreed to surrender the animals – three Belgian Malinois and one Cane Corso – to the authorities for human euthanasia, which took place the same day.

The story doesn’t stop here as the dogs’ owner is liable for his animals’ actions and may even face criminal charges.

While such tragic cases are fortunately rare, dog bites are not. What happens if a dog attacks you or your kid? Can you sue the owner? Who is liable for damages?

A 57-year-old motorcyclist lost his life after crashing into a GMC SUV on Ellis Street in Long Beach. According to the police, John Blackwell Jr. was riding a 2014 Kawasaki at high speed when his motorcycle collided with an SUV that was making a turn into a parking lot. Blackwell suffered serious injury to the lower body and was pronounced dead at the scene. The SUV driver remained at the scene and there are no indications he was either distracted or intoxicated. 

Speeding is, unfortunately, the leading cause of fatalities in motorcycle crashes. In 2020, 5,268 motorcycle riders were killed in crashes nationwide. About 34% of those fatal crashes involved speeding, By comparison, alcohol was a factor in only 27% of all fatal motorcycle accidents.

How fast can you ride a motorcycle in California?

The family of a woman injured in an accident on a Disneyland attraction has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company, claiming that complications from the injury led to her untimely death.

According to the Orange County Register, 66-year-old Joanne Aguilar was injured on the park’s Jungle Cruise attraction. In April 2021, the woman, who was wheelchair-bound, visited Disneyland with her two adult daughters. She wanted to go on the Jungle Cruise, but was told a wheelchair-accessible boat was not available at that time. Ms.Aguilar managed to get on a standard boat but had difficulties trying to get out. She lost her balance and fell backward, breaking a leg. After undergoing surgery, she spent five months in a rehab facility. While there she got an infection, went into septic shock, and died in January of last year. 

The lawsuit alleges that the septic shock was a result of the surgery, which was due to the attraction injury, therefore Disneyland should be liable for their damages. The family is seeking compensation for “all past economic damages,” including medical costs, burial and funeral expenses, attorney fees, and any other incidental damages.

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