Head-On Collision Seriously Injures Two in Santa Barbara County

In a perfect world where all drivers followed the law and road conditions were always ideal, head-on collisions would not be an issue. Unfortunately, the world we live in is far from perfect. Head-on collisions result in hundreds of injuries and deaths in California each year. Head-on crashes may be caused by distracted or impaired drivers, inclement weather or road conditions, or dangerous driving behavior. Whatever the cause of the crash, nearly all head-on collisions could be avoided if everyone were exercising reasonable care while operating a motor vehicle. A recent California head-on collision demonstrates these facts and should remind drivers to use caution when out on the roads.

According to a local news article reporting on the crash, the two-vehicle accident occurred on Highway 166 near Santa Maria. The driver of a GMC Yukon appeared to cross over the double yellow line of the two-lane road for an unknown reason and collided with a Porsche SUV. The driver and passenger of the Porsche were seriously injured in the crash and transported to local hospitals for treatment. According to the report, the cause of the crash is still under investigation, although no mention of drugs or alcohol was made.

Distracted and impaired driving are contributing factors in many deadly accidents across the state. If a vehicle is traveling on an undivided highway, even a momentary lapse of attention can cause the driver to cross into oncoming traffic and cause a crash. In the present era, with most drivers having phones or other electronics in operation while driving, it is common for drivers to get distracted. California drivers have a legal duty to pay attention while operating a vehicle, and a crash that is caused by distracted driving can lead to criminal charges and civil liability for the negligent driver.

Victims of accidents that are caused by distracted drivers are entitled to recover damages from the negligent driver by pursuing a California personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in state court. It is against state law to operate a cell phone while driving under most circumstances, and evidence that someone was using their phone before getting in an accident can be used to prove their negligence and hold them accountable for the damages caused by the crash. Negligence can also be proven by showing other traffic laws that are broken by distracted drivers and ultimately lead to a collision, such as speeding or lane violations. A qualified California accident attorney can advise accident victims on the best way to move forward and receive compensation after a crash.

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